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Planting good deeds since 2010, WE Unite began as a way to connect in an increasingly detached society. Growing from one woman to hundreds, the organization has bloomed into a movement rooted in philanthropy. Today we assist our community through resources to support hands-on volunteering and events with charitable initiatives that feed the souls of women so they can feed the souls of others.

WE Unite believes that each of us should be celebrated and use our hands and our hearts to raise each other up. Join our movement by registering to be a Supporter or follow us on social to witness our journey.

What does it mean to join the WE Unite Community?

The movement is run entirely by volunteers like you. By registering to join the community you will gain access to the following things:

  • Track you and your family's impact in the community through your WE Unite account
  • Receive news about volunteer opportunities that reflect your gifts + special skill sets
  • Remain up-to-date with e-newsletters sharing volunteer needs within the community + outlining how you can help
  • Receive early-bird invitations to programs and special events
  • Connect with our team to share needs you see in the community + receive resources on how to support them
  • View + register for WE Unite Supporter events

Interested in being a Corporate Sponsor of WE Unite?

If you love what WE Unite volunteers are doing in the community and want to support us, here are some ways you can:

  • Lovingly prioritize our movement as your charitable giving for the year and make the choice to support families in crisis from your community (and we will shout your name from the rooftops!)
  • Give your staff the opportunity to volunteer with an organization that has an impact in their community + leverages their skill sets
  • Pick one of our events to become involved with by donating time, volunteers, items or financially 
  • Inquire how you can turn one of your team building or holiday events into a philanthropy opportunity

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