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WE Unite is sharing a meal train started by a family friend to help feed a couple through a battle with cancer.

A community member has reached out to seek support in feeding a couple through their journey battling cancer.

Favourite meals include baked pastas, cheese burgers, soups (mushroom, tomato, barley), stews, meats and potatoes. Favourite veggies include cauliflower, green beans, snow peas and mushrooms. Least favourite foods are pot pies, curries, peppers, brussel sprouts, leeks, eggplant or onion.

They also welcome notes with dad jokes to keep the smiles coming!

The meal train is seeking volunteers for April. A cooler will be placed on their porch for smooth, contactless delivery to their home in Barrie. Please register using the Meal Train link provided.

Thank you in advance for supporting this family through this most difficult time.

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